Daniel Wainstein

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Wainstein has been actively engaged in business consulting activities and finance for over fifteen years. Beginning in 2004 and continuing through his career, Mr. Daniel Wainstein focused on the identification of low risk and under-valued private investment opportunities. In 2013, Mr. Wainstein participated as a principal investor in a private investment company with offices based in New York and Florida. The company focuses on equity and debt investments for both public and private entities as well as strategic real estate acquisitions and investments. Since 2014, the company has been the main investor and general partner in a significant number of real estate transactions including the purchase of several buildings in Chicago, a 200 acre manufactured housing community and two developments in Tennessee.

Mr. Wainstein graduated from Hofstra University in 2001. He received his Juris Doctorate from Hofstra University School of Law in May 2006.